Eternia makes you feel good about yourself and pushes you to be your best. I know they have my best interest in mind. My favorite part is the competitive atmosphere and how we all push each other and support each other.
— Hunter Kennedy | 15yrs old
It’s a good camp!! It helped me with exercise and it kept me entertained. I had fun with the kids! When’s the next one?
— Sam Haag | 11yrs old

We got stronger and are now able to help Dad out with work around the house, because we are strong now from lifting weights .
— David Cooke | 9yrs old
It is fun, and we made new friends while we worked out. The exercises were fun.
— Gracie Cooke | 9yrs old

Had something fun to do during the summer instead of being bored. The coaches were funny and made exercising fun. We made new friends, and we learned how to lift weights like mom does.
— Nya Cooke | 11yrs old
It was so much fun getting to do the kid’s camp this summer. I liked it because I got to do stuff that kids my age normally wouldn’t get to do until we’re older. Camp made me mentally & physically stronger. It gave me that confidence that I could do it.
— Kia Obien

You guys at Eternia make working out fun! We push each other to better ourselves! It’s all around my favorite time of the day.coming to Eternia and being around awesome hardworking friends!
— Anthony 'DT' Del Toro

Training at Eternia is a great experience and I have fun time everyday I go in the gym, but still get the work in. They push me towards my best potential and motivate me to be a hard worker and a better person inside and out of the gym.
— Cody Ekwall

Working out at Eternia has made me a better athlete and person. Eternia is a very welcoming place and a fun environment!
— Jake Stoffel