Our Vision

Imagine a community where our kids grow up valuing fitness and nutrition, and where youth from all backgrounds are given the opportunity to improve their health, fitness, and personal development.  

At EAF we are focused on offering a positive framework and community to help at risk and under-served youth grow into stronger and healthier individuals both physically and mentally.  Working out and eating well become second nature, and they learn life lessons in a supportive environment discovering what they're capable of, pushing themselves to work hard and strive for something greater.

Personal health is a strong platform for future development.  By giving the right tools and
encouragement we can make a difference in the lives of individual kids and begin to create change on a larger scale.

to build a strong YOUTH to be tomorrow’s ADULTS
— Eternia Athletics Foundation

Bringing together a community

  • Inspire Kids and Teach
    • Conduct events using sports to teach the "Responsibilities of an Athlete"
    •  Partner with local community members to lead, participate and inspire
    •  Allow kids to earn the right to attend events through academic and athletic commitment
  • Support Community Impact
    • Align with community organization programs to create sustainable, measurable impact
    • Create follow-up mechanisms throughout the year via social media to engage kids
    • Support efforts of other local groups committed to youth development.
    • Provide additional contributions to these and other like-minded organizations focused on kids & sports
    • Align with companies passionate about child development
  • Partner with Sports Industry
    •  Partner with local sports teams and organizations to promote sports overall and their respective sport in particular
    • Assemble a "Council of Coaches" to guide teaching agenda.
    • Link with major equipment, gear, sports nutrition and sports marketing organizations to help the kids – "What do I need to play my sport?"