Our mission here is to encourage each student-athlete to strive for excellence. We promote an atmosphere that is conducive to the intellectual, personal, and physical development of each individual student-athlete. Developing a strong relationship with each student-athlete is critical in motivating him/her to realize his/her potential.


This program is in place for the athletic, not athletic, quiet, shy, Powerlifting is for everyone.  There are plenty of today's youth that is in need of fitness, strength, guidance, mentoring, team building, and general direction.  Through the sport of powerlifting, we can offer that for these students that otherwise would not have this opportunity.  The things they will learn at Eternia and through the Foundation will carry into their daily lives for the rest of their life.  

The goal here is to take a high school age (14-18 year old) athlete or non-athlete and get them started in the training world. That means teaching them the basics of how, what, and why, while also helping them build a strong and healthy bodies.

The focus for Eternia Youth Lifting will be to introduce youth lifters to the life-long sport of Powerlifting. The main concern for these lifters is to learn and perform proper technique and training methods, through experience on the competition platform.

Below you will find the three elements to create a solid foundation in which the strength program is built upon. The EAF program focuses on ground-based, three-dimensional, multi-joint movements with variations of Olympic lifting and Power lifting with an emphasis on injury prevention. Each speed, agility, and endurance program is specifically customized using the energy system(s) needed to perform each sport. The goal of all our programs is to improve athleticism, prevent injury, and develop strong well-rounded individuals not only physically but also mentally.



Before becoming a better student-athlete, it is important to make an honest decision to achieve a goal. With determination comes mental toughness, and with mental toughness comes success.




Strength training requires student-athletes to fully commit themselves toward achieving a goal. It is the responsibility of student-athletes and coaches to approach each day with a purpose towards achieving the goal of improvement, not only as a team but also as an individual.




It is essential for student-athletes to possess a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and humility in order to succeed in their sport as well as in life. Student-athletes can develop these qualities by learning what it takes to be a Champion.